Hi everybody!

We continue today with a nice move to do playing with the music.

The first thing if you are doing this move on the spot: Guys, you bring the lady to your right, but you stay on your left. You bring the lady back and you stay back. If the lady is n your left side you stay on your right leg. The secret is to transfer the weight right to find a counterbalance.

Ladies: feel the contact with the guy and press a little bit (not too much!) against his hands.

For some extra informations you can check this link:


The next level is leading the step by walking.

Guys, do the basic step. If you go backwards you put your left hand on the side of the lady. If you go to the front with your body, you bring the lady a little bit to you and after that to your right side and back. You have to walk the hole time to the front and lead the circle. To end the move, you can start to lead a wave just before you lead the lady back (before she is in the middle, because if you lead it later, she transfers the weight to the right foot and you cannot bring her to you for the wave).

Thank you very much and see you soon!