What a  nice class today!

The new beginning for the titanic step

Guys, during the lateral you change the hand (right up, left down) and you bring the lady into the line to the left. Your left hand will press to the left and up against the right arm of the lady. The right hand press down and let after that the right hand of tha lady free. In this way the right hand of the lady is going up like in a explosion. After that bring the lady to the right and then you can start the titanic step.

Ladies, go to the side with your hips. This step is about doing a wave to the right from the hips. Go first with the right hip to the side and stretch your upper body (right side). At the end your head goes to the right because the guy is bringing your left shoulder up.

Turn on one leg from titanic

Guys, in this step you have to control the center of the lady for help her to keep the balance. You want the lady just transfers the weight to the left and then you turn her on her left leg. Watch the video to understand how your right hand is leading up and to the right and how the left hand has to press to the left. After that you will lead the wave to the side from the hips like as before.

Ladies, keep the energy while turning. Go up with your body and try to stretch to the ceiling. There are two energies: one energy up and one energy down. They will help you to feel your axis. After if you go into the wave go first with your right foot and after that with your hips.

Aditional material

Have fun!