Hi everybody!

1. Combination Lateral – right turn – lateral again.

To learn the first of today is a very important thing because normally in traditional zouk the guys are leading the lady to his right with a lot of left turns for her. Today we will do the opposite: the guys lead the lady to his left and the lady turn to the her right.

You are leading the lateral step. While bringing the lady to the left, you have to cross the street and be in front of the lady (a little bit to the right). The ladies do the lateral step. Now guys you turn the lady with your right hand on 1 and you cross with the left in front. On 2 you let your left hand on the back of the lady and on 3 you slide your hand till you get the right hand of the lady. You should be again on the other side of the street. After that you turn the lateral to your left. After the turn you should be in the same position as before.

For the ladies: we use the same tecnique for the right turn as for the left turn. The first step you go on the line, the second step too but not so long and the thrid step you twist and come back to the right.

2. Combination lateral – left turn – elastic.

A very easy combination for you to practise.

Guys, lead the lateral step. If you bring the lady to your right, you cross the street. At the end you are in front of the lady a little bit to the left. You will lead the left turn and your third step you come back, so you have more distance between you and your partner and you can feel the tension in the arm of the lady. From here you lead the elastic and you go around the lady. Your upper body is by the way to the lady and you do your steps close to her.

Ladies, your upper body try always the face your partner. While turning you go your third step on the spot. If you do the elastic with a little bit drama is nicer ;-)