A very short explanation about how to do the circles with the chest from the basic step staying on the spot. Your body needs some exercise to do this moves fluent. Be patient. Control your shoulders and your hips, you want to separate the move of your chest.

After that we did today a combination:

For the combination there are some important things for the guys and the ladies.

For the guys: After the left turn you will bring the lady to your left with your right hand on the left side of her body. Block the lady going like in slow motion. Your leading is painting a circle but please don’t forget the leading of the chest of the lady to the front and back.

For the ladies: If the guy is playing with your chest, please, press a little bit (not much) against his hands. In other way you cannot feel the leading. If the guy is leading the wave, you have you right free and you go with your right to the front.

For the wave reverse you can check this link.


Have fun!