We have today two beautiful elements: a turn on one leg for the ladies and a opening to te right with the head.

Turn on one leg.

Guys: if you are leading the sidestep (lateral) to the left, lead the first step like matrix (slow motion) and after that use a little bit of explosive energy. You have take care abut the axis of the lady. Your left hand pull and paint a circle over the shoulders of the lady, the right hand has to push and hold the the lady.

For the ladies: if you are turning, you imagine you are growing to the ceiling, you make your center strong and bring both legs together. Don’t forget to spot on the partner.

Opening to the right with head.

Ladies: you are doing your steps on a line. Your first step with the right foot your head stays to the left side. Your second stepyour head go down in a circular movement and the third step your head go to the right (again in a circular movement).

Guys: you are playing with the shoulders of the lady. At the beginning your right hand is down and the left hand is up. The second step both hands are in a line. The third stepright is up and left is down.

For the cambre: just two steps. Guys, watch the video. The first step you just lead the lady to the left and after that you are painting a circle (you are moving your right hand like a DJ) and lead the lady down for she to do her preparation for cambre. You will be carefull with the cambre, please prepare your body adn don’t do any crazy things, you have to do cambre slowly. If there is pain: don’t ontinue! Ladies: just do your preparation for the cambre and go little by little. At the same time your knees go to the front and your pelvis is always to the front. If the guy is leading you up, push with the right foot up.

See you next week!