Hi everybody!

Today we learnt the wave from the lateral step and a turn for the guys under the arm of the lady from lateral step.

1. The wave from the lateral step.

Guys: while leading the lateral step you can block the way of the lady and do the wave. If you bring the lady to the left, you will go in front of the lady but a little bit to the left, so she can go in the wave with her right foot between your feet. Lead the lady first to you pulling to you and then bring your hands down. In this away the lady will go with the shoulders down in the wave. Combine your leading with your body language and do the wave at the same time. You can do the step in the other direction (hier you will be in front of the lady this time a little bit to the right).

For the ladies: sometimes doing the wave we stay with our hips back the hole time. In a normal wave you go to the front with your shoulders, then with your chest and at the end with your hips. There is a moment where your hips are over your foot and you stay straigh over the foot in the front. Another important thing is to stay with the shoulders down the hole time. If you bring your shoulders up, your neck will look shorter, that’s not beautiful.

2. Turn for the guys under the arm of the lady from lateral step.

The beginners can look cool too! Today one step for the guys.

While bringing the lady to the right you change the grip of your hand. Important for the ladies: your hand has to answer always with the same grip and the same energy as the hand of the guy.

Guys, while leading this step (and in general) you lead first the lady and after that you go. You lead the lady into the lateral to the left and then you turn to the right. Here you will feel the tension of the arm of the lady on your left hand (back). If you continue turning to the right you pull automatically, bringing the lady to the right. After he goes her first step, you can turn under the arm.

While turning, guys, let your left hand without energy. Ladies, you answer with the same energy, so you relax your right hand.

Have fun and see you next week!