Today’s step is very nice to play with the music from the basic step.

For the ladies: A very important part is to keep the contact the hole time with the hand of the guy on your shoulder blade. You will only feel the leading if you keep the contact. For the elastic go first with your hips, then with your chest and at the end with your head. If the guy leads you up, the head stays till the end down, then you go up and focus on the guy. If the guy leads the snake, when your head goes up, your chest goes to the floor.  Important: Connect your right hand with your upper body if you are down.

For the guys: Go away from the line of the lady and try to lead the move with your body. You can play with the velocity of the move and with the music. If you bring the lady up, you go with your right foot again in front of the lady.

Have fun!