Hi everybody!

Cambré is a very important step for the beginners and for zouk. For some other dances like salsa or tango the ladies can go to the parties and learn some tricks, but in zouk you can heart yourself if you try to do some steps without knowing the tecnique. Cambré is one of these steps.

We will do a left turn with the right hand down and the left hand up. Guys, make some space on your right side for the lady to be comfortable. You will lead a elastic with your body. You go with the left hip to the left, so the lady is going with the hips to the front. You will bring the lady down and the lady is doing the preparation for the cambré (pelvis to the front, chest is in, contract your center, head to the front).

Ladies, you will feel the arm of the guy on your back, please, press a little bit against the arm to feel the leading of the guy. Guys support the lady if she is doing the cambré but ladies, don’t trust the guy and keep your own balance. While going back, the ladies have to go to the front with the knees. The pelvis is the hole time to the front and you contract your center. The last part of your body going back is your head.

To bring the lady to the front, guys, start bending your upper body to the left and do a wave to the side and help the lady to do the wave to the front.

Have fun!