Today we learn a nice step to understand how important are the shoulders for the head movements. Warm up your body and do this step under your own responsibility.

1. Head movement at the beginning from lateral.

Guys, you go back with the left leg, you bring the lady to the front and your left hand comes up and to you and your right hand comes down and to the front. Wacht the video to see how to lead the turn on the line. The beginning of the head movement is very important too. Ladies, you need the feeling that you are breathing to the side.

2. Head movement with contact on the shoulder line.

Guys, your right hand slides with contact till the axle of the lady. There you can control her shoulder line. Press to the front for the lady to go with the head to the front. Ladies, don’t focus with your eyes if you are doing head movements. Your head is following your shoulders. If your head is to the front, your chest is in making some space for the head movement. If your head is back, you bring your chest to the front.

3. The last head movement on the line.

Guys, bring your left elbow up and push with your right hand for the lady to go into the line. After her second step, you can press a little bit down for the lady to go with the head to the front and you bring the shoulder up for the lady to finish the head movement. Ladies, your head is following your shoulders. If you bring the head up, then you can focus again on your partner.