Today’s step: easy and beautiful.

For the ladies:

  • Keep the connection between your right hand and your upper body, you need some tension in your arm.
  • Think about the connection between your head and your chest: If your head goes to the front, your chest goes in. If your head goes back, your chest goes to the front.
  • Keep the contact with the hand of the guy in your shoulder blade.
  • Watch the video for the chassé steps.

For the guys:

  • The third step you will cross forwards and the lady will cross backwards. Lead the upper body of the lady for her to cross.
  • You will lead a lot with your upper body. Upper body to the left for the elastic. Upper body to the right for the cambré. Upper body to the left for the chassé. Again to the right for the cambré. To the left for the snake.
  • Watch the video to see the chassé steps.
  • While doing the chassé, you bringt your upper body and the lady to the left and at the same time you close with your left foot.
  • For the end, while the lady is transfering the weight on her left, you will go with your right foot between her both feet and then you go into the basic step.
  • Think about your expression! Watch the end of the video.