Hi everybody!

Let’s fly! There are somethings about the zouk-feeling and we want to tell you one today.

Maybe in other dances you are going steps and you can separate these steps from each other. In zouk we don’t like to speak about steps (we need it for the explanation, but real dance is anohter thing), we prefer to speak about move. For example you go two steps to the front while doing the basic step but it’s just one move to the front. One secret: use some more energy by pushing with the last foot (Watch the video to understand)

The combination of today. For the ladies: we do the long turn on the line (Bumerangue) and after that a left turn on the line. Very important for you is to close the legs while turning, you try to put your thighs together (more balance and it’s more beautiful).

For the guys. First turn the lady, then you and then the lady again. The leading: both turns are on the line, so you have to pull first the lady in the line and after that you paint a circle over the head of the lady. For your turn: focus on the lady, so will turn easily. you do your third step on the spot while turning.

Have fun and see you next week!