Hi everybody!

We repeat today the step of the last week and do some more head movements for the lady.

Guys: if you are leading the lateral step from the right to the left you have to go on 1 like in slow motion and keep the lady on her left foot. This will be her axis. Then turn the lady on one foot and block the lady if you are behind of her. You block with both hands, the left hand is blocking the lady up and the right hand is pulling to the right.

From here you want the lady goes to the right but she has to stretch and go first with the hips, so your left hand is pulling to the left (the lady lets the head fall to the left) and your right hand down leads the hips of the lady to the side. Then you have to play with the weight of the lady and her head. Please, watch the video for the explanation.

Ladies: for the turn on one leg you have to keep the tension on your center and to see your axis. While stretching two things happens at the same time: your head goes to the left and your hips to the right. From here you have to be sensitive, because the guy can play with your weight and with your head.

For the head movements. Guys: Respect the path of the lady and don’t force her to do any head movement if you see, she cannot do it. Ladies, think about on stretching always the opposite site of your neck. In this way your are protecting you. Important: If you are doing anything with your upper body and you are turning on the spot, your axis is the leg of the direction of the turn. If you are turning to the right, your right leg is your axis and if you are turning to the left, your left leg is your axis. In this case you are turning to the right.