Hi everybody! Today in Bremen we have done two things.

At the beginning we did one exercise for the ladies to understand how to be light for the guy. We have to feel the hand of the guy on our back. If we are going forward we have to do it active, not waiting a lot (the hand is too hot!) but without losing the contact. If we are going backwards we have to keep the contact too and go actively backwards-

After that we did one nice step. First we did the bumerangue and the guy is turning to the left too. Please guys, during the bumerangue let your hand over the head of the lady and not over yours. We bring the lady to us like with the yo-yo and when the lady goes away from us we will turn to the left. Watch now the video. You have to turn focusing on the lady and feeling the tension of her arm.

For the ladies: we are doing our ladystyling. After the turn, when we are doing “one” with the right foot we start with the ladystyling.

See you next week!