Hi everybody!

It’s very easy to go from the titanic into the prison step. If you are on the titanic with the weight on your right, guys, you can go to the left and turn the lady on the line with your left hand up and your right hand down. In order to have enough space you will get just the fingertips of the lady and put the rest of your hand on her waist.

For the ladies: in the titanic step and in the prison step your body stays to the front like in a stage for an audience. Do your steps on the line and you can go always a little bit on your knees with your last foot (in the titanic with the right and in the prison step with the left).

As a variation, guys, you can turn the lady as much as you want whle leading the prison step. Just continue turning with the hand up and you sllide the hole time the hand down keeping the contact with the lady.