Today was the first day after the holidays and we wanted to repeat some steps to refresh our minds.

We did the combination lateral + left turn and lateral with right turn. For the guys: you can use your body for a better lead. If you watch the video you will heard “we cross the street”. That’s about using the body to block the way of the lady so she doesn’t do the lateral step but the turn. Our uperbody shows the lady the direction she has to go. For the ladies: you just need to do your third step always on the spot and direct your uperbody to the guy.

About the bumerangue reverse. For the guys: the lady has to do her steps on the line, so we have to go out of the line during the first “1,2,3” and after that you come back and do the basic step forwards. For the leading, your right hand is helping the lady to understand the turn and the left hand is painting a circle over the head of the lady. For the ladies: please, try to do your steps on the line and focus on the partner while turning.

For the cambré we will watch very soon a long explanation, but the most important thing for the ladies is to put your pelvis to the front while doing the cambre. If the guy is bringing you up, then you push up here with your right foot. For the guys: After the turn  you bring the lady to you and you have contact with her, there is no free space on your left side. VERY IMPORTANT: help the lady to do her preparation for the cambré and stay on the right foot. Then let her do the cambre and stay the hole time on the right foot. You don’t need to lead a deep cambré, please be careful with your lady.

See you next week!