I hope you enjoy Zouk Made in Germany so much as me! It’s funny to do the videos and I’m happy if the videos are helping you.

The combination for today. Bumerangue reverse from the basic step for the ladies under the left arm of the guy.If you want to watch the bumerange reverse (a long right turn on the line) from the lateral step you can check this (subtitles are in English available):

After the bumerangue please guys, first bring your lady to the front and after that you can turn.

For the little steps the most important thing is to feel the center of the lady over her feet, so you can help her keep the balance. Watch the video for the opening, the leading with the right hand it’s important, so you can bring the lady on the line.

At the end the guys need to pull with both hands, so the lady is coming and after that we bring the hands over her head.

See you next week!