Hi everybody!

Technique is very important if you don’t want to heart yourself. We will learn today how to go down with your partner. PLEASE: Warm up your body and do the step under your own responsibility. These videos cannot replace a zouk teacher. They are like a map, so you know, the possibilities you have with zouk. BUt you need regular zouk lessons!

Ladies: if you are doing the “table cambré”, your feet are parallel under the line of your shoulders. Your knees go to the front. You try to sit over your feet. Your back is straigh and you look to the front. If you go up, you can use the energy of your legs to go up with the pelvis first, don’t get the energy from your back.

Guys: be prepared to support your lady and go down on your left knee. If you bring the lady up, let the move breath (watch the video).

See you next week!