Today we did some moves if you are with the lady on the spot at the beginning of a sound and there is no beat.

Wave to the side from the hips

If you go to the left, you will first transfer the weight to the left but you bend your upper body to the right. Then you go little by litlle to the left with your upper body. The same in the other direction: first you go with your hips transfering the weight to the right but your upper body stays to your left. Afer that you go little by little with your upper body to the right.

Circles with the head

Ladies: relax your neck and think at the same time on stretching the opposite side. Transfer the weight with your head (if your head is on your right side, you have your weight on your right leg). If you bring your head to the front, then you put your chest in for keeping your balance.

Guys: play with the shoulder line of the lady and make some space for her to feel comfortable.

Wave to the front

Guys: if the lady is going with the head to the front you can make some space going with your left foot backwards and leading the wave.

Ladies: if your head is on your left side you have your right foot free. If the guy lead you into the wave you can go with your right to the front.

Have fun!