Hi everybody!

If the lady bend to the front, guys we have for the beginners three possibilities: lead the cambré, bring the lady just up or bring the lady back to you leading the snake.

If you want to see the cambré, we recommend you this video:


Today we are doing the snake or miau variation.

For the lady to bend to the front, please guys, watch the video and try to understand the leading. You are bringing the lady to you and down before she transfers the weight to the left foot.

Ladies: Keep the contact with the hand of the guy. Bending to the front your chest goes at the begining to the front and your head is back. If you are down, your chest is in and your head is to the front.

For the snake or miau:

  • Guys, if you lead the lady to you again, she needs space, so tranfer your weight to your left.
  • Ladies, you bring first your head to the front, after that your chest to the front and then you do the wave.

We hope you enjoy it! See you next week!