Hi everybody!

A easy combination for beginners: Basic step, side step (lateral), left turn, wave and basic step again.

For the basic step and for the side step we have nothing to say now. Before you start with the turn, guys, you have to “cross the street” and be in front of the lady (a little bit to the left). You lead a left turn for the lady (ladies: please do your third step on the spot and while turning take care of your left arm for not to hit the guy). Guys, on to two you get the lady aganing.

After turn you want to lead the wave: You will bring the lady to you like in a wave and go with the left foot to the front and not backwards. If the wave is over, you let the lady transfer the weight to her left foot and lead the basic step.

For the ladies: during the wave keep the contact the hole time with the hand of the guy.