Hi everybody!

In this step you have to pay attention with the turns.

1. The turn of the lady on one leg. The turn needs a preparation. Guys, if the lady is going with the left foot you give her the idea, she has to go down. In the same moment when she is transfering the weight to the left foot, you bring the lady up and help her to turn, keeping her in her axis. You will support the lady with both arms. For the ladies: Keep the tension on your body and go up while turning. While turning don’t stop the energy. The guy will block you but you have to turn thinking, you want to do another more turn.

2. The second difficult part is the turn for the guys while leading the turn of the ladies. Guys: You have to put your left hand on the same place you have your right hand (the right shoulder blade of the lady), that’s the secret. Ladies: While turning keep the tension in your center, do your steps on the line and don’t bring the head up alone. Wait till your partner lead the cambré (or whatever).

Have fun!