We are in the beginners course but we start to do some moves for intermediate. Be patient with this step. Try to understand how it’s working and you will improve very fast.

If you want to see the easy variation slowly, please watch this video.

Let’s speak about the most important point. Guys, you hold the right hand of the lady with your right handand the left with the left. The first step you just want to give the idea of moving on the line. At the end of the first step you startwith the turn and your right hand goes up. The second step the lady is turning and you start to bring the left hand up. While the lady is going her third step, you look to the other side, you bring the right hand down and the left hand down too after keeping the connection with the back of the lady.

If you want the lady goes up, you go up with your body. The lady is keeping the tension on the arms and you lead her up in diagonal, thinking about leading her shoulders up.

Nice nice nice!

See you next week!