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25.03.15. Intermediate. Multiple zouk turns

Hi everybody!

We have two big kinds of turns in zouk: the zouk turn (third step on the spot) and the turn on the line (third step you open). There are for these turns two different leadings. Today we want to show you how to do multiple zouk turns (and not multiple turns on the line).

Guys: In a normal zouk turn you lead 1 and 2 in one direction and the third step in the opposite direction (so the lady is coming back). Now, if you want to lead two turns, you will lead four steps for the lady in one direction and the fifth step you bring the lady back.

Ladies: Today to spot on the partner is really important. The guy is leading now two turns, but he can lead so many turns as he want. Try to come always back to the guy after every turn.

Another thing! Imagine that you want to turn 3 times. Guys: you will lead six steps in one direction and the seventh in the other direction. With 4 turns it would be 8 steps and the nineth in the other direction, etc.

Remember, for the zouk turns the technique is different as for the turn on the line.

24.03.15. Advanced. Turn on the spot with the head to the side.


Here you can remember how to do the opening to the right with the head in the closed position:


Turning on the spot with head movements. Important things for the guys:

  • You go the hole time backwards and you open with your body to the left.
  • Use your both hands for the leading but remember, your leading comes from your upper body.
  • If you want to turn the lady with the head to the side, you will bring your left hand to her left shoulder when she has the head to her right side. Turn the lady and on 2 you will get her again an continue with the head movement.
  • You can end the move when the lady is with the head to the front. You bring her up.

Important things for the ladies:

  • Keep the contact with the hands of the guy.
  • If you are doing anything on the spot with your upper body and you are turning to the left, you will use the left leg as axis.
  • If the guy turns you with the head to the side, stay with the head to the side as log as the guy has his hand on your shoulder.
  • While turning take care of your left arm for not to hit your partner.

Have fun!

24.03.15. Advanced. The deep pendulum.

Hi everybody!

Today we learn the deep pendulum. Before you do this step, you should be sure, you can do the normal pendulum for the intermediate:


Important things for the guys:

  • Use the energy of the first left turn of the lady to make the move fluent.
  • Before you bring the lady up, you need a preparation going down.
  • Your arms are the frame for the lady and they support her. Your energy stays up the hole time the lady is supposed to be up.
  • The arms have the same distance as long as the lady is turning in front of you on one leg.
  • If you want to do the pendulum, bring your left hand down and let the lady turn more than you.
  • Be prepared to support the lady with her pendulum. Make sure, she has enough space.

Important things for the ladies:

  • If you are up, your energy is going a little bit back.
  • Press down with your arms and your shoulders, so the guy can support you.
  • By doing the pendulum, you stay looking at the front, don’t turn to your partner.
  • Go down with your center over your feet. If you want to see some more details about how to go down, check this link: http://zouk-germany.com/15-03-15-intermediate-table-cambre/
  • Wait for the leading of the guy if you are up, because you don’t know what’s coming next.

24.03.15. Beginners 1. Left turn for the lady (left up right down) with a wave, elastic and snake.

A beautiful thing of dancing brazilian zouk: You can combine the basic and have a lot of fun, even if you’re a beginner!

Today you will turn the lady to the left with the left hand up and the right hand down. If you want to see this step slowly, check this link:


You can combine this step with the wave and we the elastic too.

The wave.

Guys, you lead a last left turn (or lateral) for the lady and then you have to be closer to the lady in order to block her. You will have contact with the arm and with your upperbody too. The leading of the wave is coming from your upperbody. After that you could open like in the video. For the ladies: Everytime we have a new contact with the guy, we have to press a little bit against the contact to feel the new leading. Try to bend always your upper body to the guy. Here you can see some more details about the wave.

The elastic.

Guys, while leading the elastic you want the lady goes first with the hips, so your right under arm has to be lower as normal. You will be with your upper body to the lady (90°) and do a wave to the side from your hips, so you help the lady with her elastic. The contact with your right under arm will go little by little up. Then you go with both hand in front of the lady and bring the lady back and up. For leading the snake, first lead the shoulders of the lady turning soft her wrists and if she goes to the front, then you pull with your left hand to the left and your right hand goes to the axle of the lady bringing the elbow up.

Ladies. Go with your hips to the front, after that with your chest (your head goes a little bit back). If you are down, wait for the leading of the guy. If you are up and the guy lead your shoulders, relax your neck and let your head go down through the window. The next turn is on the line and the second one is a normal turn with the third step on the spot.

23.03.15. Intermediate. Long turn on the line for the ladies and a turn down for the guys.

Hi everybody!

Today a hard work for the guys.


  • Lead the long left turn on the line. The first three steps the lady is turning and after that you turn. If you do it, try to feel the tension between your right hand and the arm of the lady. That’s the most important thing to lead the next turn of the lady.
  • If you bring your right hand up on your back, then you don’t need to go too much down.
  • Watch the video for understand the leading of the turn of the lady.
  • Don’t look up while turning down.

For the ladies:

  • Stay with your steps on the line.
  • Sometimes you have to be careful about the guy ;-) If he is turning you will bring your hand up.

Have fun and dance a lot of zouk!

23.03.15. Intermediate. Transfering the weight on the line with a wave from the hips for the lady.

Hi everybody!

The last weeks we did similar steps and you can check them here to get a general idea:

Today we want to transfer the weight again but now with a wave from the hips for the lady.

For the guys:

  • Open the lateral and feel the tension between your arm and the arm of the lady.
  • At the same time: 1) you lead the lady to the left, 2) you bring your right hand up for her to go with the hips to the left and the head to the right.
  • After that you have to change the grip of your hand.
  • While opening again, the first step you just lead the lady to the side and after that your hand goes down.

For the ladies:

  • Your head follows your shoulder. Your left shoulder up means, your head is falling to the right.
  • Go with the hips and strecht the left side of your body. At the end your head comes to the left too.
  • While doing the turn with the head, the first step your head stays to the side, the second one your head goes to the front and on the third step your head goes up.

23.03.15. Beginners. Basic moves with the chest and the hips.

Hi everybody!

Now you have a lot of videos for learning zouk, but the videos are not a teacher. You need the feeling of a teacher to help you to improve your dance. There is a thing like the “zouk body” and in order to get this we do a lot of exercises in the regular classes.

We want to speak today about the hips and the chest for the beginners. These are some of the moves you have to practise, if you want to get the zouk body.

  1. Painting an eight with your hips. A very basic move you have to control, if you want, that your basic step on the spot feels good. The first energy goes down and a second energy comes up and open your body to the side.
  2. You need to isolate the move of your chest. Try to move your chest to the front and back without moving the shoulders or the belly. This exercise will help you to improve your wave and your elastic.

Be patient with you while learning this stuff. The body needs some time to learn. At the end, you will feel the move like natural.

23.03.15. Beginners 1. Turn on the line changing the direction.

A little variation on one step can change the hole dynamic of the move. Today you want to open the lateral and to bring the lady to you but this time guys you will turn.

For the guys:

  • The line is for the lady, not for you.
  • Make sure that the lady has enough space and feel comfortable.
  • Lead the move with your hole body and not just with your arm.
  • If you let the lady free on 1, you will get her again on 2.

For the ladies:

  • Keep your steps on the line and don’t forget the connection with the partner.
  • Don’t transfer the weight to your heels because you will loose your balance.
  • By the last turn you have to close your legs on 2. Wait for the leading of the guy, don’t fall to the front alone.

23.03.15. Beginners 1. How to open the lateral to the right.

Today we learn a very important leading because we use it very oft while dancing zouk. Zouk has all these nice steps with beautiful moves on the line.

For the ladies:

  • While opening control your steps and don’t go with your weight over your heels because you will loose your balance.
  • Keep the connection with your partner turning your upper body a little bit to him.
  • For the second turn close your legs on 2.
  • If you feel the hand of the guy on your back, bring your elbow over his arm.
  • Don’t fall to the front after the third step, feel the connection with the partner on your back and go with his leading.

For the guys:

  • For the opening to the right you need more energy on 2 and after that you have to brake the move.
  • The leading for the second turn is like opening a door: You bring the lady to you on the line, you lead the turn and then you let the hand free. On 2 you get the lady again.

22.03.15. Intermediate. Elastic with the ladies behind the guys from lateral.

Hi everybody!

For this step there is a important thing for both and that’s the leading for the elastic from this special position. Guys, watch the video to know how to use the energy. Look the place you have to put your fingers. Ladies: Your hand needs to be connected with your upper body. Don’t bend your elbow and don’t bring your shoulders up.

For the guys:

  • You have to lead the lady on the line, so you have to pull into the line at the beginning of her turn.
  • Look the video to see how to change the grip of your hands before you do the elastic.
  • First lead the elastic, then you go.
  • Relax your right hand after the elastic, so you can go with the hand in front of the lady.

For the ladies:

  • You are turning on the line, don’t forget how to do your steps.
  • Before the elastic, connect your arms with your body.
  • After the elastic, if you fell, the guys is relaxing his right hand, then relax your left hand.
  • Go up as fast as the leading of the guy.

Enjoy zouk!

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