200 is a really nice number and we want to thank you for your support. We will work hard to give you every week new videos and for making possible the biggest website for learning brazilian zouk.

Today we will do a head movement at the end of the yoyo.

For guys: ending the yoyo you want the lady goes the first step to the front and with the head to the left side. With your right under arm you will push the lady to the front. For the head movement you will bend a little bit back and bring your right hand up. You will bring the lady another step into the turn and the right hand stays up. If the lady is going the third step you will bring the hand down. In this way the lady starts moving the head to the front. If the head of the lady is in the front, guys, you will give some energy for the ladies to bring the head up.

For the ladies: you will feel your right shoulder goes up and you let your head fall to the left. The first and the second step your head stays to the left. During the third step your head is going to the front. if you paint half of circle to the front remember to put your chest in for not to lose your balance to the front. For some ladystyling bringing your head up, watch the video.