Hi everybody!

Today we learn the deep pendulum. Before you do this step, you should be sure, you can do the normal pendulum for the intermediate:


Important things for the guys:

  • Use the energy of the first left turn of the lady to make the move fluent.
  • Before you bring the lady up, you need a preparation going down.
  • Your arms are the frame for the lady and they support her. Your energy stays up the hole time the lady is supposed to be up.
  • The arms have the same distance as long as the lady is turning in front of you on one leg.
  • If you want to do the pendulum, bring your left hand down and let the lady turn more than you.
  • Be prepared to support the lady with her pendulum. Make sure, she has enough space.

Important things for the ladies:

  • If you are up, your energy is going a little bit back.
  • Press down with your arms and your shoulders, so the guy can support you.
  • By doing the pendulum, you stay looking at the front, don’t turn to your partner.
  • Go down with your center over your feet. If you want to see some more details about how to go down, check this link: http://zouk-germany.com/15-03-15-intermediate-table-cambre/
  • Wait for the leading of the guy if you are up, because you don’t know what’s coming next.