Hi everybody!

A very nice thing about dancing brazilian zouk: you don’t have to follow the beat of the music everytime. By zouk time is yours! I want you practise one exercise at home: dance without music! I love this exercise. Guys, it’s a really good waay to improve your leading and for the ladies it’s a challenge, because you have to learn to keep the contact with your partner without being heavy for him. Try at home!

After that we turned the lady to the left and do some steps to the front or backwards (it’s a nice way to proof the connection with the partner). How to bend in this position the lady to the front? (If you want to try this exercises at home, please warm up und do the steps under your own responsibiltity).

Guys, you are facing the girl. You want to lead the step with your body and not with your hands. Try to do a wave from your hips to the left. So you do the preparation. Ladies, go with your rightfoot first, then with your hips, open your chest and stretch you neck. By bending to the front contract your center, put your pelvis to the front, your chest is in.

From this position we have three posibilities:

1. Come back and lead the sneak. After bending to the left, the guys start bending to the right stop in the middle and come back.

2. Just up to set an accent in the music. Guys, take care about the center of the lady because she can loose her balance.

3. Lead cambré going to the right. Ladies: don’t go up, go direct backwards. If you go up and then back, you can get injured on your low back. Important to press against the arm of the guy for you to understand the leading and to let the guy supports you. Guys, don’t go up and after that lead the cambre. Go direct with your hip to the left and continue with the wave. Ladies: you hold yourself, don’t trust the guy. For finish the step you can lead the snake.