Hi everybody!

The table cambré after the elastic is a very popular step. You have to be careful: Ladies, you need the right technique. Warm up your body and do the steps under your own responsibility.

There are three important things today:

1. Elastic. For the guys, watch the video to see where to put the energy for the elastic of the lady. You want, the lady goes to the front and up opening the chest. For the ladies, let your shoulders down if the guy is leading the elastic. Go with the leading and pay attention becasuse the guy can play with the velocity of the step.

2. Bringing the lady up before the table cambré. Guys, the hands of the lady have to go up parallel to her body, in other way she doesn’t feel comfortable. Ladies, put your both feet on the same level as your shoulders.

3. Going down. Ladies, to have to “sit” with your center over your feet. You look to the front. Guys, don’t bring the lady back, becasuse she needs to control her center.

Have fun!