In zouk there is a difference between a normal zouk turn (the third step on the spot) and a turn on the line (the third step opens to the side). In this video you will learn, that there is a difference in the leading too. In a turn on the line, the guy is leading the three steps in the same direction. In a normal zouk turn the guy is leading two steps in one direction and a third step in the opposite direction.

The turn of the guys: First bring the lady to the front and then you will turn to the rigt, with your left hand over your hand (like holding a pizza). Try to have your hand close to your head. After the turn you should bring the hand down. Watch the video to see how to change the grip of the hand.

For the ladies: You do a normal lateral step. The guy is doing something new (he is turning!) but stay relax and focus your upper body to him.

The turn for the ladies. We are dancing today a zouk turn, so you go two steps in one direction and the third step you come back. The same for the leading, two steps in one direction and the other step you have to come back.