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14.10.15. Beginners. Cross step with a left turn for the guys and a left turn for the ladies.

Have fun!


13.10.15. Intermediate. Turning together on the spot.

Remember remember…


13.10.15. Beginners. Turning the lady to the right from lateral and bsic step with two variations.


Everything you can do in one direction (with a left turn for example) you can do it in the other direction (now with a right turn). Have fun!

12.10.15. Intermediate. Repeating some combinations.


We were pepeating some steps today:


12.10.15. Beginners. Lateral, right turn and basic step.


It’s nice if you learn from the beginning the right turn. Have fun!

11.10.15. Beginners. Left turn for the lady and for the guy and playing with “the door”.


Today we have the explanations in German :-)


And we did “the door” too, playing with the hips of the lady.


11.10.15. Intermediate. Repeating the last two combinations.

Hi everybody!

We were repeating today the last combinations we did. Have fun!




09./11.10. Zouk & Kizomba Gala Hannover 2015


The last weekend Claudia and me was giving some workshops in the Hannover, and now I just want to put in a post the things we did.


18:00. Bumerangue reverse with impulse.

At the end of this step we put one wave, leading with the body and not with the hands.

20:00. Open level. A wave after a left turn (turning 180° at the same time) and back on back.


12:00. Advanced. Golf.

13:00. Intermediate. Turning the lady on the line from lateral and turn on the line with head movement.

17:00. Open level. Playing with the hips of the lady and turning together.

 Zouk Demo.

07.10.15. Beginners / Intermediate. 180° to the right and a wave.


This step have a critical point at the moment you bring the lady in front of you and you want to lead the wave. Bringing the lady in front of you, she has to go with her steps always on the line. The leading for the wave comes between 1 and 2. Important for the ladies: Stay with your upper body focusing on your partner.

Have fun!

07.10.15. Intermediate. Opening from basic step and repeating the last steps we did.


Today we did this step and after that we repeat the last steps we did in the lessons.

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