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06.03.16. Beginners. Turning the lady behind of us

Hi everybody!

We are happy to film some more videos for you!

I think, this is a nice combination for the beginners. Just two things:

  • For the guys: Think always about, what do yoou want to lead, what do you want, that the lady do. If you are turning the lady behind of you, make sure that she is going the third step on the spot. You lead while going backwards.
  • For the ladies: Keep the contact with the hand of the guy, you are ersponsible for this connection. Focus with your upper body on your partner too.

Have fun!

06.12.15. Beginners. Combination: bumerangue reverse with both hands, lateral and the door on the line


Today we have a nice combination for the beginners. Take care about how to set your feet on the floor. There are some differences between turning on the line and going a simple zouk turn.

Guys, it’s very important for you to know the steps of the lady. Without that, you can’t lead anything.

Have fun!

Big hug,


02.12.15. Beginners. Travelling in the close position and playing with the hands.



We are playing with the hands today and it’s nice, if yoou put some intention into the move. That means, ladies, look at your hand while doing the move.

Have fun!

Big hug,


14.10.15. Beginners / Intermediate. Pizza turn to the right and bumerangue.


Sometimes I think, the possibilities of zouk are endless… You can find now on our youtube channel more than 250 videos and we have always new stuff. I love it!

For this step the most important thing is to feel the tension between the arms of the guy and of the lady. Have fun!

07.10.15. Beginners / Intermediate. 180° to the right and a wave.


This step have a critical point at the moment you bring the lady in front of you and you want to lead the wave. Bringing the lady in front of you, she has to go with her steps always on the line. The leading for the wave comes between 1 and 2. Important for the ladies: Stay with your upper body focusing on your partner.

Have fun!

06.10.15. Beginners. Pseudo-ioio + ping pong and turn for the guy (repitition).


Today we repeat the steps we did the last week:


28.09.15. Beginners / Intermediate. Repeating the last steps we did.

Today we repeat all these steps in the class:




23.09.15. Beginners. Turning together 180° to the right.

Today we learn a very useful step if you are dancing at the party, because you can go through the dance floor if the party is full.

The guys are thinking the hole time “first the lady, then me”. For the ladies: Don’t go alone to the front (stay back) and focus on your partner with your upper body.

22.09.15. Beginners. Turning together on the spot to the right.

Some importants things for this step:

  • Don’t lose the contact with between both right legs.
  • Stay in front of your partner.
  • Your pelvis goes to the front and your chest is in.

Big hug!

22.09.15. Beginners. Leading the bumerangue reverse with an impulse.


A very easy step if you know the bumerangue reverse already.

Have fun!

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