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Month: September 2015 (page 1 of 4)

29.09.15. Intermediate. The connection between the feet and the upper body and turning on the spot together.


Good dancers can do one thing really good: the basic step. That’s the reason we spent today some minutes improving our basic step:


And we repeat the turn on the spot together:


See you next week!

29.09.15. Beginners / Intermediate. Combination: Pseudo-ioio and ping pong.


This combination rocks!

We start with the pseudo-ioio and continue dancing the ping pong with a turn for the guys. It’s very important to have a clear direction for the steps, in this way you will dance the combination clean.

Have fun!

28.09.15. Beginners / Intermediate. Repeating the last steps we did.

Today we repeat all these steps in the class:




28.09.15. Beginners. Cross step with a left turn for the guys and and a left turn for the ladies.


Today we did this combination in the beginners course.


Have fun!


27.09.15. Beginners. Ping pong from the basic step.


The ping pong is very typical zouk step. Do the first variation to feel the flow and after that try the second one.

Have fun!

27.09.15. Intermediate. Combination: Pseudo-elastic, bringing the lady around of you and the thrower.

A nice combination putting a lot of elements togehter.

For the guys: Ask yourself, where is the tension of the leading? How to lead the pseudo elastic clearly? How to bring the lady around of me?

For the ladies: Feel the leading of your partner. Just because your partner has your hand up it doesn’t mean, he wants to turn you. Going around the guy is a nice opportunity to play with your hips.

For the last step: watch the video to see how many steps you have to go at the end.

Big hug,


23.09.15. Beginners. Turning together 180° to the right.

Today we learn a very useful step if you are dancing at the party, because you can go through the dance floor if the party is full.

The guys are thinking the hole time “first the lady, then me”. For the ladies: Don’t go alone to the front (stay back) and focus on your partner with your upper body.

23.09.15. Intermediate. Combination: Turn for the guys, spiral and flick.

With this combination you will do the normal combination lateral / left turn more special (with a turn for the guys and a spiral for the lady) before you do the flick we did the last week.

  • For the turn of the guys: Guys, you turn, but you don’t forget to lead the lady the hole time.
  • For the spiral of the ladies: Think on stretching your upper body while doing the spiral, it’s about growing.

Here you have the explanation wih the flick:


22.09.15. Beginners. Turning together on the spot to the right.

Some importants things for this step:

  • Don’t lose the contact with between both right legs.
  • Stay in front of your partner.
  • Your pelvis goes to the front and your chest is in.

Big hug!

22.09.15. Beginners. Leading the bumerangue reverse with an impulse.


A very easy step if you know the bumerangue reverse already.

Have fun!

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