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Month: März 2015 (page 1 of 5)

30.03.15. Intermediate. Opening in a line to the left and transfering the weight.

For the opening on the line: Guys you have to the lead on two with more energy and after that hold the lady for her to land softly.

Transfering the weight: Guys, pull with the left hand on the same line as the shoulders. After that you turn your hand inside the hand of the lady and bring your elbow up. In this way you open a window for the lady. Ladies: The guy is leading you without bringing a shoulder up or down, so you don’t do any head movement. You can bring your left under arm in front of your chest while transfering to the right.

Opening again: Guys, your left hand is again on the shoulder level of the lady and pulls to the left. Ladies: you bring your left hand to the side and down. At the parties we don’t have normally any space, so you have to look before you do anything with your arms.

Thank you for watching!

30.03.15. Intermediate. Head movements in the closed position walking backwards.

Today we have nice head movements from the basic step.

Both dancers are connected through the frame of the arms. How does the frame work? Both shoulders are moving together: If one shoulder goes up, the other shoulder goes down; if one shoulder goes to the front, the other shoulders goes back.

For the guys:

  • While doing the basic step you will go to the front like in slow motion for the lady to understand the new move. The left hand goes to you and up while your right hand press to the front and goes down. Watch the video to see where to put your right hand (important)
  • For leading the head to the other side be sensitive with your lady, don’t be rude. Your right hand will come to you and your left hand goes down and press to the front.
  • If you want to end the step, go again like in slow motion. Your left hand will stay down wile bringing the lady up.

For the ladies: For doing any head movement you should warm up and prepare your body for it. Do this step under your own responsibility. Connect with your partner and keep the tension of the frame. Your head is following your shoulders. Let the move breath and open your chest if the head is on the side. If the guy leads you up, focus at him.

Have fun!

30.03.15. Beginners 2. Three possibilities after bending to the front from basic step.


If you bend the lady to the front while going the basic step and the lady stay down, you have as beginner three possibilities:

  • To bring the lady to the front and do the snake. Hier pay attention on the video about how the head and the chest are working together (head to the front chest in, head back chest to the front).
  • To bring the lady up. The right hand of the lady is connected with the upper body and and the guy is leading in diagonal.
  • To bring the lady in the cambre. You can check this video for a better explanation of the cambre:


30.03.15. Beginners 2. The lady behind the guy after a left turn.


Sometimes is very nice if you aren’t dancing in the typical position with both dancers facing each other.  Today we learn a step for it.

For the guys: For leading this step there is an important thing. Try to keep the hole time the contact with the lady (your left hand while turning and your left under arm too). While turning the lady to the left you go one step less than the lady and after that to be in front of the lady you go just 2 steps (the lady three).

For the ladies: Take care about your arms. Normally the guy put the hands on your waist to turn you, so you have to pay attention and bring both hands up.

30.03.15. Beginners 1. Right turn on the line after a left turn.

Hi everybody!

Some important points:

1. The right turn on the line. Guys, if you lead the left turn, you start to pull to the left with your left hand when the lady goes her third step. Make sure, the lady has enought space on your left side. For the ladies: your upper body try always to face your partner.

2. Going around and doing the wave. Guys, you want that the lady stays on the flow of her movement, so you move around her and close to her. You put your right hand on her back on two. For the ladies: Bring your left arm over the arm of the guy while turning.

Have fun!

29.03.15. Intermediate. Table cambré after elastic.

Hi everybody!

The table cambré after the elastic is a very popular step. You have to be careful: Ladies, you need the right technique. Warm up your body and do the steps under your own responsibility.

There are three important things today:

1. Elastic. For the guys, watch the video to see where to put the energy for the elastic of the lady. You want, the lady goes to the front and up opening the chest. For the ladies, let your shoulders down if the guy is leading the elastic. Go with the leading and pay attention becasuse the guy can play with the velocity of the step.

2. Bringing the lady up before the table cambré. Guys, the hands of the lady have to go up parallel to her body, in other way she doesn’t feel comfortable. Ladies, put your both feet on the same level as your shoulders.

3. Going down. Ladies, to have to “sit” with your center over your feet. You look to the front. Guys, don’t bring the lady back, becasuse she needs to control her center.

Have fun!

29.03.15. Beginners 2. The “self-hug”.

Hi everybody!

Something important for the ladies today: if you re doing anything with your upper body and the guy turns you, how to go your steps? Easy: If you are turning to the left, your left leg is the axis of the turn and it stays the hole time on the spot. If you are turning to the right, your right foot stays on the spot.

Have fun!

100 Videos!! Yeah! 25.03.15. Intermediate. Pendulum after left turn.


Today is a very happy day for us, because this video is the video number 100. Thank you for watching! Without you, this website doesn’t make any sense!

Let’s go!

It’s important to learn first the normal pendulum. Here you can watch all the details:


Guys, for this new position for the pendulum you have to turn the lady and at the same time you go with her to the right. Then you can use her energy in a circle to lead the pendulum. For the ladies is important to wait, don’t dance now a choreography, wait for the leading of the guy because he can play with the step dancing faster or slower, or do somethind you don’t expected.

Have fun!

Next target: 200 ;-)

25.03.15. Beginners 2. Turning together on the spot to the left.

Hi everybody!

We have learnt how to turn on the spot to the right and today we do the same but turning to the left.

Important things for the turn on the spot:

  • Both dancers are keeping the contact with the right leg.
  • The axis of the turn is in the middle between both right feet. If you turn, you have the feeling, the right foot stays always on the same spot.
  • You stay with your body facing your partner.
  • Your chest is in and your pelvis is to the front.

For the guys:

  • You go with the turn on the lady, you have to move to the right side while leading her left turn.
  • After the turn, bring the lady to you and connect with her leg.
  • Keep the energy bringing your left shoulder the hole time to the left.
  • If you do 1 with the right foot, you can let the lady go backwards and lead the elastic.

For the ladies:

  • Keep the contact with the hand on your shoulder blade and with the leg of the guy.
  • Your upper body stays relax.

Have fun!

25.03.15. Intermediate. Left turn (right hand up left down), elastic behind the guy and snake.

Hi everybody!

We have today a nice move to learn how to play with the tension.

For the guys:

  • After the left turn of the lady (with the right hand up and the left hand down) try to control the hip of the lady with your left hand, so you can block her if she is going to the front.
  • The most important thing about this step is to learn to make some tension up if you are leading the elastic and after that to relax this tension, so the lady feels like natural to go down.
  • If your right hand is down you will try to change the grip of your hand to connect better with the hand of the lady.
  • One possibility: just bring the lady up, turn body to the left and continue dancing.
  • The second one: you bring the lady back and again to the front, opening a window for the lady with your right elbow to the right and up. Make sure, the lady do the snake and have enough space.

For the ladies:

  • For the elastic you open your chest and you bring your head a little bit back.
  • If you are down keep the tension with the arm of the guy, your hand is connected with your shoulder. Wait for the leading.
  • If you are doing the snake try at the end to bring you r head up with some energy. In this way you won’t have any hair (or less hair ;-) ) on your face.

Have fun!

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