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31.05.15. Beginners 1. Cross step with a left turn for the guys.

Hi everybody!

Today we did this step in the class:


Have fun!

Bug hug,


31.01.15. Beginners 2. New possibilities for the titanic step.


We continue working on the titanic step with a new beginning and some new possibilities.

The new beginning is just a turn to the right for the guys while they are bringing the ladies to the left in the lateral step. For the turn watch the video because you need a new grip for the hand and after that you have to feel the tension with the partner.

We saw today three possibilities for the titanic:

– Playing transfering the weight.

– A simple turn on the line repiting the titanic to the other side. Guys: watch the video to see a trick for you to get the hand of the lady at the right time.

– A long turn on the line (to the left and to the right, bumerangue or bumerangue reverse).

Have fun!

27.06.15. “The door” with hips moves and different ends.


Today we were the hole lesson exploring just one step and some possibilities for it. But it was a lot of fun! If you heard the music and play with your partner you cannot do anything wrong :-)

Guys, you turn the lady to the left with your right hand up and your left hand down. We call this step “the door” because the lady is going like through a door and after that you have to close the door bringing your right hand down. With your left hand you just hold the fingers of the lady and with your under arm you have contact with her belly. You can play from this position, bringing the lady from one side to the other or painting a circle.

Ladies, if the guys paint a circle don’t be shy: stretch your legs and your botton backwards, go with your pelvis back.

For the end two possibilities:

1. You turn the lady again to the left. If you keep the contact with your left hand and her belly you will get again her right hand.

2. You turn on the line to the right and continue “the door”.

You can do the most of the zouk steps in a line or in a circle. At the end of this video you can watch how to lead this step at the beginning into the line.

Have fun!

27.05.15. Beginners / Intermediate. Ping pong with turn for the guys.


Normally if we are teaching this step in the class the guys are very happy, because it’s a easy step but you look cool ;-)

Guys, for this turn you have to learn to put your right hand in the place of your left hand. In addition you focus on your partner on 2. On 2 you have to look to your partner to your right side. Try to be a little bit faster than the lady.

For the ladies: Watch the video to know what to do with arms.

Have fun!

26.05.15. Intermediate. Titanic with head and circle on the left side & bumerangue with turn for the guys to the right.


We worked again with the titanic and the head movements on the line today. The new thing was to paint a circle with the head after the left turn on the line with head. For it, guys, you have to block the lady with your left hand and paint the circle with the right (you are playing with the shoulder line of the lady). Ladies, try to stretch the opposite side if you are doing the head movements. You have also to transfer the weight from one side to the other together with your head.

The second new thing was the turn for the guys while leading the bumerangue step (bonus) for the ladies. From titanic you lead on 1 the bumerangue but guys, you start to go with your left foot on 2. then if you go on 1 with your left you will turn to the right, go a little bit more on the line with the right feeling the tension between your arm and the arm of the lady and on 3 you come back for to lead the third step of the lady.

Have fun!

26.05.15. Beginners. Combination: “the little sun”, turn with both hands down, wave and ping pong.


We started today with the “little sun”. You can see the step here:


For the guys :

After that, you will turn the lady to her left with both hands down. Important:

1. You hold just the fingers of the lady.

2. You let the street of the lady free.

3. At the end you block her way, so you can lead the wave and the lady stays.

Now comes the wave. Lead the wave with your body.

Turning the lady to the right you will go with her and stop her with your left hand. Then we do the ping pong step.

For the ladies: The most important thing for you for this step is your ladystyling with the arms while dancing the ping pong. With the first turn to the left of the ping pong you bring your right hand up on 1, you change the arms on 2 (right goes down and left goes) and on 3 you will face your partner. From here you will always change the hands on 2.

Have fun!

26.05.15. Beginners. Bumerangue variation: The little sun.

I love doing easy steps in another way! Nothing important changes but the expression is different.

Guys: you just want today to lead the bumerangue step (or bonus) painting at the beginning a big circle (like a “sun”) with your hands. First bring the lady to the front and after that paint the circle. For the last turn, guys, let the right hand free and turn the lady with the left.

For the ladies nothing changes, just do the bumerangue step.

Have fun!

20.05.15. Beginners 2. Combination: Pulling the lady aroung of you bringing her to the left, lateral, left turn and elastic variation 1.


For the guys: We start the combination from the lateral step bringing the lady to the right. On 1 you will change the hand (watch the video to see how). Feel the tension with the lady and bring the lady around of you, looking to the left for her to go to your left side. If the lady is going on 1 with the right, you can push the lady, for her to be in front of you. Don’t forget to slide your left hand till you get her right hand. After the left turn yoou need some distance to lead the new variation of the elastic step. For not to hit the lady, look on 3 with the left to your left and get the lady with your right hand on 1.

For the ladies: don’t go alone around the guy. You can make some resistance for keeping the connection with your partner. Keep the connection too with your upper body to your partner.

Have fun!

20.05.15. Beginners. Elastic variation 1, looking to the front.


Today we have a nice and easy variation for the elastic.

Guys, normally if you lead the elastic, you let by one your left hand on the belly of your partner and go around her looking at her. Today’s variation is very easy: Don’t let your left hand on the belly and go on 1 looking to the front. You can look by three over your left shoulder to see the lady coming backwards and on 1 you get the lady with your right hand.

For the lady: you are dancing the elastic, nothing changes.

20.05.15. Intermediate. The ball together with the partner.


Today we’ve learn the ball together with the partner. If you want just to see how to do the steps alone, check this video:


If you are doing it together with your partner:

Guys: Your arms are pressing up, keeping and feeling the frame with the partner. You will start bending with the upper body to the right if you go by one with the right. The move comes from your upper body. Then, when you go with the left backwards, you start bending your upper body to the left and turning 90° to the left too. Continue turning every 1-2-3 another 90° to the left. If you want to end the move, you will go on 1 with the right, on 2 the head of the lady is in the center and on 3 you bring the head of the lady up.

Ladies: Your are pressing down to keep the contact with the guy. You are thinking the hole time on stretching the opposite side of your body. Your head is following your shoulders.

Have fun!

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