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Month: Oktober 2015 (page 1 of 3)

18.10.15. Beginners. Combination: The door playing with the hips and turning together, Bumerangue reverse and elastic.


That was the combination we did today putting together some elements we already know. I want just to say one thing: guys, if you lead the door and after that you want to turn on the line, please, take care about the lady and about her arms, they have to be on the same line as the shoulders.

Have fun!

18.10.15. Intermediate. Repeating combinations.

Now we are the profis of these two combinations:



14.10.15. Beginners / Intermediate. Pizza turn to the right and bumerangue.


Sometimes I think, the possibilities of zouk are endless… You can find now on our youtube channel more than 250 videos and we have always new stuff. I love it!

For this step the most important thing is to feel the tension between the arms of the guy and of the lady. Have fun!

14.10.15. Intermediate. Repeating the last combinations we did.

Remember remember…




14.10.15. Beginners. Cross step with a left turn for the guys and a left turn for the ladies.

Have fun!


13.10.15. Intermediate. Turning together on the spot.

Remember remember…


13.10.15. Beginners. Turning the lady to the right from lateral and bsic step with two variations.


Everything you can do in one direction (with a left turn for example) you can do it in the other direction (now with a right turn). Have fun!

12.10.15. Intermediate. Repeating some combinations.


We were pepeating some steps today:


12.10.15. Beginners. Lateral, right turn and basic step.


It’s nice if you learn from the beginning the right turn. Have fun!

11.10.15. Beginners. Left turn for the lady and for the guy and playing with “the door”.


Today we have the explanations in German :-)


And we did “the door” too, playing with the hips of the lady.


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