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29.07.15. Intermediate / Advanced. Wave from the hips to the side from lateral and head movements

Hi everybody!

Today you will learn how to block the lady for her to go into a wave with the hips and then we will do some head movements. The most important thing for both, ladies and guys, is the connection between the leading of the guy and the arms and shoulders of the lady. Remember: The head is always following the shoulders.

Have fun!

21.07.15. Advanced. Rond de jambe, tic-tac und snake to the side.


Another variation for the rond de jambe + tic-tac step. Today it’s about learning to bend the upper body of your lady and she doesn’t have to transfer the weight, she transfers the weight later.

Have fun!

07.07.15. Advanced. Rond de jambe with tic-tac through the arms

Zouk it’s sooo beautiful! :-)

For the rond de jambe you can watch this video:

Guys, after the rond de jambe you want to stop the lady with the left hand up and the right hand on the side of the lady. But you stop the lady just for a millisecond, because you will pull with the right hand to the right and with the left hand to the left. Watch the video because both hands go up and that’s an important detail. With your right you open a window and then you will go through, first with your left hand and after that with your body. If you are on the oder side, your left ist down and your right is up. Push the lady to her left side with your left hand and change the shoulder line. At the end, if you turn your upper body to the left, you wil lead the lady to the left and start with the head movements.

Ladies, this step is the perfect opportunity to go with your hips every time you transfer the weight from one side to the other. First always the hips and at the end the head. Be sensitiv about your shoulder line: Today you know the step that the guy is leading but there are a lot of possibilities.

Have fun!

30.06.15. Advanced. Rond the jambe with spiral 1, elastic and cambré.


Little by little:

Rond de jambe.

  • Guys: you want the lady stays on her left foot. Please don’t bring her another more step to the front. Go down with your body and with your leading for her to understand and pay attention. Turn your upper body to lead the rond de jambe.

  • For the ladies: Your arms are connected with your upper body, you need some tension for it. Stretch your right leg and you can look at your foot too for the styling.

Spiral 1.

  • Guys: You go with your left foot to the front to make some space for the lady. You bring your right hand to your left shoulder and with your left hand you will paint a circle for to lead the spiral. Think “first the lady, then I go”. Your eyes can follow your left hand. At the end you are facing the lady.

  • Ladies: look at your left hand and stretch your body to the front, that’s the most important thing. Think always on stretching and not on making short your back.


  • Guys. Lead the elastic with your body and then you let your right hand on the shoulder blade of the lady.

  • Ladies: Go first with your foot, with your hips, with your chest and at the end with your head. If you feel the hand of the guy on your back, press against the contact to understand the leading.

For the cambré.

  • It´s a normal cambré. Please ladies, you need a good preparation putting your pelvis to the front, your chest in and your head to the front.

Have fun!

09.06.15. Advanced. Turn on one leg from titanic and combination with turn on the line with head + flamingo + pendulum


Today we just repeat the last things we did in the class.

  • Here you will find the turn on one leg from the titanic step:


  • And hier you find the combination with the turns on the line with head, flamingo and pendulum:


Have fun!

10.06.15. Intermediate / Advanced. Training the spiral 2 to the left and to the right.


Today we did one exercise to practise the spiral 2.

The steps are the normal steps for a zouk turn (third step on the spot). The head will follow the shoulders. For a left turn, the head goes to the left the first step, the second step to the front and to the side and in the third step you will focus on your partner.

For the right turn, first step head to the right, second step to the front and left, third step you focus on your partner.

If you are doing the step with your partner, guys, you turn together with the lady and after that you will lead the spiral with your hands on her upper arms. Watch the video to see how. Ladies, don’t forget to do your third step on the spot and to focus on your partner at the end of the turn.

Have fun!

02.06.15. Advanced. Titanic step with a new beginning and a beautiful turn on one leg.


What a  nice class today!

The new beginning for the titanic step

Guys, during the lateral you change the hand (right up, left down) and you bring the lady into the line to the left. Your left hand will press to the left and up against the right arm of the lady. The right hand press down and let after that the right hand of tha lady free. In this way the right hand of the lady is going up like in a explosion. After that bring the lady to the right and then you can start the titanic step.

Ladies, go to the side with your hips. This step is about doing a wave to the right from the hips. Go first with the right hip to the side and stretch your upper body (right side). At the end your head goes to the right because the guy is bringing your left shoulder up.

Turn on one leg from titanic

Guys, in this step you have to control the center of the lady for help her to keep the balance. You want the lady just transfers the weight to the left and then you turn her on her left leg. Watch the video to understand how your right hand is leading up and to the right and how the left hand has to press to the left. After that you will lead the wave to the side from the hips like as before.

Ladies, keep the energy while turning. Go up with your body and try to stretch to the ceiling. There are two energies: one energy up and one energy down. They will help you to feel your axis. After if you go into the wave go first with your right foot and after that with your hips.

Aditional material

Have fun!

19.05.15. Interm. / Adv. Combination: Titanic with head, pizza-turn, flamingo, pendulum and cambré.


We did today a nice combination for the intermediate and advanced dancers.

1 & 2: Lateral.

3 & 4: Titanic step.

5, 6 & 7: Turn on the line with head.

8 & 1: One more turn on the line to the right as usual and up.

2: Lateral.

3: Pizza turn.

4: Left turn for the lady

5 & 6: Flamingo up and go around the lady.

7: Pendulum.

8: Preparation for cambré.

1: Cambré.


Have fun and we see us next week!

05.05.15. Intermediate /adv. Titanic with head movement on the spot and head movement on the line.


For the guys:

  • The head movements are the difficult part. Practise the head movements like in slow motion for you to understand better. While doing the first head movement you transfer the weight together with the lady and with your right elbow up and some more energy you continue the leading for the circle backwards.
  • For the second head movement, first bring the lady to the left on 1 and on two you start the leading for the head. At the beginning your right hand is on her shoulder blade and then you move your hand to the front part of the shoulder.

For the ladies:

  • Think on stretching the opposite side while doing the head movements on the spot. You are always making one side longer (the opposite).
  • Press against the contact of the guy to feel the leading.
  • For the turn on the line stay with the head to the left on 1, on 2 you bring the head to the front (your chest is in, your pelvis a little bit to the front) and on 3 you bring the head up.

Today we did this step too:


28.04.15. Advanced. The ball with a spiral.

First we did some exercises to learn how to do the spiral. The guys are playing with the shoulder line of the lady and the head of the lady is following her shoulders.

For the ball you will find tomorrow the hole explanation because it’s a complicated step.

Guys: You can lead the spiral everytime you are going with your right. On three you will have your right hand on her right arm before you lead by 1 the spiral. Try to give the lady some support, in this way her moves are easier. Ladies: You need to contract your center to have enought stability. Close your ribs.

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