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27.02.15. Zouk Workshop in Hannover. Flamingo + Pendulum & turning on one leg + head movement.

Hi everybody!

We were today in Hannover giving some workshops with our friends Rebas, Denise and all the dancers from Hannover. It’s a pleasure for us to be here again.

The first part of the workshop we did the flamingo with a pendulum and cambre.

For the flamingo, guys bring the lady to you and then up while turning 90° to the left and support her. For ladies, your shoulders are down and you keep the contact with the guy, pressing your arm down. You don’t know, when flamingo is over.

For the pendulum, guys, you turn a little bit more the lady, so you both are looking in the same direction. At the beginning you are on your right and the lady on her left. You bring the lady down and the lady contract the center (pelvis to the front, chest in, head to the front). The lady and you are transfering the weight at the same time to the other side. Make space for the lady if you meet in the center.

After pendulum, ladies, don’t go alone, keep the contact with the partner.

Fot the cambre, guys, you bring the lady to you (no space between you and the lady). Lead the preparation for the lady and ladies, come in the “hulk” position (down on your knies, pelvis to the front, chest in, head to the front). Ending the cambre you have the possibility of breathing up or do the snake (the guy leads one of both).

The second part of the workshop we wanted to turn the lady on one leg, lead the elastic and and after that one head movement.

For turning the lady on one leg, guys, you have to go in slow motion and turn the lady giving her support. Your body goes down for the preparation and while turning up. For the elastic go with drama! With the foot, the knie, the hip, the chest and at last head. Ladies, focus on the guy if he is bringing you up.

Head movement: the guys have to play with the shoulder line of the lady. Lead your right hand up, so the lady let the head fall to the left. Ladies: as long as your right shoulder is up, your head stays at the left side. Contract your center for keeping the balance. Just at the end, when the shoulder line is changing the position, we will bring the head to the front (chest is in) and up.

See you soon!

22.02.15. Intermediate. Hanging head (boneca) turning on the line (titanic, prison step and long turn on the line or bumerangue).


If you want to try these steps at home, please, warm up your body and practise on your own responsibility.

Some advices for the ladies:

  • If you are turning on the line with your head to the side it’s difficult to keep the balance. try to contract your center and close your ribs.
  • Be careful if you are bringing your head to the front. Put your chest in for not to loose your balance.

Some advices for the guys:

  • The beginning of the head movements is very important. Watch in the video the preparation carefully.
  • Try to give support the lady while turning.
  • Do the head movements carefully, because she could loose easily her balance. Play with the shoulders, bringing the hands up and down, but very soft respecting the timing of the lady.

If you want to lead these steps at the party be careful, The lady has to be safe. If you think something is dangerous, please, protect your lady. The steps on the line are not recommended for the partys, because they need a lot of space. You can transforn every step in the line in a step in a circle. In this way you need less space (just your spot).

Have fun!

25.02.15. Intermediate. Repeating the last steps we have learnt.


Today we wanted just to repeat the last steps we did, so you can check these videos:

25.02.15. Beginners 2. Bend to the front after a turn holding both hands.

Hi everybody!

A very nice thing about dancing brazilian zouk: you don’t have to follow the beat of the music everytime. By zouk time is yours! I want you practise one exercise at home: dance without music! I love this exercise. Guys, it’s a really good waay to improve your leading and for the ladies it’s a challenge, because you have to learn to keep the contact with your partner without being heavy for him. Try at home!

After that we turned the lady to the left and do some steps to the front or backwards (it’s a nice way to proof the connection with the partner). How to bend in this position the lady to the front? (If you want to try this exercises at home, please warm up und do the steps under your own responsibiltity).

Guys, you are facing the girl. You want to lead the step with your body and not with your hands. Try to do a wave from your hips to the left. So you do the preparation. Ladies, go with your rightfoot first, then with your hips, open your chest and stretch you neck. By bending to the front contract your center, put your pelvis to the front, your chest is in.

From this position we have three posibilities:

1. Come back and lead the sneak. After bending to the left, the guys start bending to the right stop in the middle and come back.

2. Just up to set an accent in the music. Guys, take care about the center of the lady because she can loose her balance.

3. Lead cambré going to the right. Ladies: don’t go up, go direct backwards. If you go up and then back, you can get injured on your low back. Important to press against the arm of the guy for you to understand the leading and to let the guy supports you. Guys, don’t go up and after that lead the cambre. Go direct with your hip to the left and continue with the wave. Ladies: you hold yourself, don’t trust the guy. For finish the step you can lead the snake.

24.02.15. Beginners 1. Bend to the front (elastic) from basic step.

The elastic or bend to the front: a really beautiful step!

About the video there is just one thing to add: for the elastic, guys, you have to change the way you are holding the right hand of the lady. Your left hand is facing to the ceiling and your fingers have energy. For the ladies there is today a rule to learn: we get the hand of the guy on the way he is holding our hand and exactly with the same energy.

All other things are in the video.

Have fun!

23.02.15. Beginners 2. The Thrower.

Guys, even if you are beginner you can do some cool moves dancing zouk ;-) While leading the side step (lateral) to your right side, you will go just two steps, the lady is going three steps.

- The lady do 1 & 2 and you do just 1.

- THen you do 3 together to the side, opening a little bit to the right.

For the arms I will give you two possibilities:

- You change the hand (you get the right hand of the lady with your right hand).

- You get arm of the lady.

While giving the momentumto your left you go againg just two steps and the lady goes three steps.

For the ladies I want to say just one thing: if you turn to the left, you have to take care about your left arm, so bring the left arm up while turning closed to your face (in this way you don’t hit your partner).

Have fun!

23.02.15. Beginners1. Bend to the front (elastic) from basic step.

Dear people,

today we have learnt a very beautiful step for the beginners: the bend to the front or elastic.

The idea is we have big energy and tension leading the lady up, this tension disappears suddenly and the lady falls down like in slow motion.

Steps for the lady: we go with our foot first, our hips, we open the chest and stretch the neck. After that we bend to the front with a little bit drama. It’s very importat to learn this part very good because you will use it a lot of times dancing zouk. By going backwards we bring our left arm up.

Guys: do your steps with your upper body facing the lady. By one the leading goes in diagonal to you and up (tension) and after that you let the hand of the lady free (relax and bend for the lady). At the time you let the hand of the lady free, you have to put soft your right hand on the belly of your partner. So yoour lady knows where you are everytime.

24.02.15. Intermediate. Boneca turning to the right holding both hands.

Hi everybody!

Some important things for today:

Ladies: After the turn you will feel the arm of the guy on your back and you have to keep the contact with it, if you are connected with the arm, you will understand the leading. While turning, close your ribs for a better balance. Your right hand up have some tension agains the left hand of the guy. When the leading brings your shoulders in the same line, your chest is in, helping you with the head movement.

Guys: the preparation for the head movement is a difficult and an important leading. Bring your upper body a little bit back and the right hand up at the same time, so the lady understands you better. Then you push with the right arm for her to go to the front and turn. Your left hand will press down to support the lady. You will bring the right arm over the head of the lady. When she is doing the head movement, bring the head up when the head is almost in the middle.

Next week more!

22.02.15. Cross step behind the lady and prison step.

Hi everybody!

A really nice move for the beginners2! The first thing is to be behind the lady (we did already hier).

For going the steps behind the lady, guys stretch your legs if you are going backwards. Ladies do the same if they are going forwards.

Now guys, for the cross step behind the lady you to respect her line. Your irst step backwards with the left you go in diagonal to the side, so you can oen after that and let the „street“ free for the lady.

Ladies: Sometimes we are going steps and our focus is not to the partner but to the front. That’s the point today. Please press a little bit again the hands of the guy, so you can understand better the leading and he can support you.

While crosing with the left you guys can lead the prison step. Hier more informations about the prison step.

Have fun!

22.01.15. Zouk Workshops in Gothenburg (Sweden) Day 2. Sunday.

Hi everybody!

Today we did in Gothenburg a lot of things, so let’s see a summary of the classes:

- The idea of the quality of the movement. One idea can change your dance. We practised going up on 1 and down on 3.

- A nice combination. I think, the most important thing was the cambre, with a good preparation for the ladies, the pelvis to the front, and for the guys to lead the lady with your body and respecting her movement, don’t force her to go faster than she can.

- Some ideas to correct the posture. The psychological state of mind influence your body. Be happy about the music, about dancing, about meeting people and let you probems outside the dance floor.

- And the last thing was the step being behind the lady after a left turn. „First the lady“.

So! I had a really nice time in Gothenburg with you and the lovely Anna. I hope we see us very soon (in Gothenburg…or in Bremen!). Ryanair makes it possible ;-)



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