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13.10.15. Intermediate. Turning together on the spot.

Remember remember…


13.10.15. Beginners. Turning the lady to the right from lateral and bsic step with two variations.


Everything you can do in one direction (with a left turn for example) you can do it in the other direction (now with a right turn). Have fun!

06.10.15. Beginners / Intermediate. Turning together on the spot to the right and ending in the cross step.


Today you have to pay attention to the transition between both moves: The energy of the turn on the spot has to take you to the cross step. For the guys is very important to open to the right (bring your right shoulder to your right) and continue to movement, for the ladies to focus on the upper body of the partner.

Have fun!

06.10.15. Beginners. Pseudo-ioio + ping pong and turn for the guy (repitition).


Today we repeat the steps we did the last week:


22.09.15. Beginners. Turning together on the spot to the right.

Some importants things for this step:

  • Don’t lose the contact with between both right legs.
  • Stay in front of your partner.
  • Your pelvis goes to the front and your chest is in.

Big hug!

22.09.15. Beginners. Leading the bumerangue reverse with an impulse.


A very easy step if you know the bumerangue reverse already.

Have fun!

15.09.15. Intermediate. Elastic going backwards and through the tunnel


Here you can see the combination we did the last two weeks.

Have fun!

15.09.15. Beginner. Pseudo-ioio

Hi everybody!

Today we repeat this step:


Big hug,


08.09.15. Intermediate. Elastic going backwards from the lateral step.

Elastic going backwards is a very important leading for the guys. You need to learn this step first from the basic step. At the beginning the lady goes back with the foot but she doesn’t transfer the weight to the left. You will paint a circle after that with your leading for the lady to do the elastic (watch the video, this explanation is important for you).

To do this move from the lateral step is very similar. The last variation changing the hands is a little bit different because you want that the lady goes a little bit up on 2.

The next week we will continue with this step.

Big hug from Bremen,


08.09.15. Beginners. Cool move after turning the lady in.


This step is really cool for the beginners.

For the ladies: Wacht the ladystyling of Claudia while opening if you are coming back.

For the guys: The leading has to be very clear. First to the front and then you block the lady with your left hand while crossing backwards with the left foot. After that bring the lady back with left hand and you let her way free. At the end push with the right hand for her to open to her right and block her with the left again (now on the right side of her body).

Have fun!

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