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Month: Juni 2015 (page 1 of 5)

30.06.15. Advanced. Rond the jambe with spiral 1, elastic and cambré.


Little by little:

Rond de jambe.

  • Guys: you want the lady stays on her left foot. Please don’t bring her another more step to the front. Go down with your body and with your leading for her to understand and pay attention. Turn your upper body to lead the rond de jambe.

  • For the ladies: Your arms are connected with your upper body, you need some tension for it. Stretch your right leg and you can look at your foot too for the styling.

Spiral 1.

  • Guys: You go with your left foot to the front to make some space for the lady. You bring your right hand to your left shoulder and with your left hand you will paint a circle for to lead the spiral. Think “first the lady, then I go”. Your eyes can follow your left hand. At the end you are facing the lady.

  • Ladies: look at your left hand and stretch your body to the front, that’s the most important thing. Think always on stretching and not on making short your back.


  • Guys. Lead the elastic with your body and then you let your right hand on the shoulder blade of the lady.

  • Ladies: Go first with your foot, with your hips, with your chest and at the end with your head. If you feel the hand of the guy on your back, press against the contact to understand the leading.

For the cambré.

  • It´s a normal cambré. Please ladies, you need a good preparation putting your pelvis to the front, your chest in and your head to the front.

Have fun!

30.06.15. Beginners. Combination: Lateral, bumerangue under the arm, turn for both and wave.


Some tips for the combination:

Bumerangue. Guys: Bring the lady into the line, pulling from her left hand. Your right hand stays over her head till the second 1 of the bumerangue. Ladies: Do your steps in the line and watch the video to see the ladystyling.

For the turn of both. Guys: Focus on the lady and come back to her, you come back with your third step to her. Ladies. Remember to close your legs and wait for the contact of the guy on your shoulder blade, don’t go alone without the contact.

For the wave. Guys: You can do a little preparation for the wave bringing your shoulders back on three before the wave comes.

Have fun!

29.06.15. Beginners. Following means to go active against the contact


Couple dance is a really beautiful thing: two become one in the couple. For it we have leaders and followers (one guy and one lady, two guys, two ladies, everything is posible). We are always speaking about guys and ladies but it would be better to say just leaders and followers.

A very important task for the follower is to make the connection with the leader through the contact. Everytime we have a new contact, the lady have to press against this contact (not to much, just to feel the leading of the leading and not to go alone without a connection).

It doesn’t matter where is the contact. Today’s combination shows you some possibilities.

Have fun!

29.06.15. Intermediate. Painting half of circle with the hips of the lady and turn for both at the same time.


Today’s combination has two nice elements:

1. Painting half of circle.

For the guys: after a normal left turn you will put your right hand on 3 on the left hip of the lady. You will push the hips of the lady to your left. On 1 you give some more energy and push with the left hand on her right hip. Both hands are leading the circle. On 2 the lady is on her left side and you bring the hip straight to her right. On 3 the hip is on the right side and then on 1 you can turn the lady.

Ladies: don’t be shy and make the move big. Stretch your legs while painting the circle.

2. Turn for both.

For the ladies: We are doing a normal turn to the left. Go your third step on the spot and take care about your left hand, bringing it up for not to hit the guy.

For the guys: You need to turn a little bit faster than the lady. On 2 you have your right hand on the back of the lady.

Have fun!

28.06.15. Beginners 1. Combination: Left turn from basic step, cross step, lateral, left turn guys, left turn ladies and wave.


Today we did a very easy combination putting together all steps we learnt the last weeks.

  • Left turn from basic step. For the ladies the third step on the spot. For the guys: The right hand on the waist of the lady helps her to understand the leading and on 2 you get the lady.
  • Cross step. For the ladies: Third step on the spot and focus with your upper body on the guy. For the guys: The line is for the lady. Lead the step with your upper body, not with your arms.
  • Lateral step. Ladies: Third step on the spot. Guys: The right hand will slide from the shoulder blade of the lady to her left hand. Go the second step to the front with a torsion in your upper body. If you go with your right to the front, you have a torsion to the right. If you go with your left to the front, you have a torsion to the left.
  • Left turn for the guys: With your right you lead the lady to the front, you turn to the left going your third step on the spot. For the ladies just lateral step.
  • Left turn for the ladies: Ladies, third step on the spot. Guys: You get the lady on 2.
  • Wave. For the ladies: keep the contact with the hand on your left shoulder blade. For the guy: Go with the left to the front.

Have fun!


28.06.15. Intermediate. Lateral with head movements.


At the beginning of learning zouk all the ladies are crazy for the head movements. Today we learn the head movements while doing the lateral step. Be very carefully dancing this step at the party. Guys: you have the responsibility about this step. If you think, something dangerous can happen, cancel the move and protect the lady. Ladies: don’t the head movements alone, zouk is a couple dance. Please, warm up your body and special your neck for dance this step.

For the ladies:

  • The steps. Don’t do any big steps and try that your legs are together pressing against each other.
  • Upper body and head. At the beginning of the head movement the head is breathing to the side. Between 2 and 3 the shoulders will change the position. The head follows the shoulders and paint half of circle to the front. If the head is to the front, your chest is in and you close your ribs. You try to make space for your head, your head should be over your center and you go a little bit on your knees. On three your head arrive the other side. At the end of the head movement your head goes to the front and up. While doing the head movement you are thinking on stretching the opposite side of your neck.

The leading.

  • The beginning: The head of the lady has to breath to the side. For it, if you bring the lady by lateral from the left to the right, you will put your left hand up and to you and your right hand down and to the lady. You turn the wrists of the lady to the right too.
  • Always the same mechanism: The first and the second step you don’t lead anything. Between 2 and 3 you will lead the head movement, changing the hands position (one goes up and the other down) and turning the wrists of the lady to the other side.
  • For the end: You will lead the head of the lady to the front and then up.
  • Guys: Don’t do any big steps, support the lady and control, that there is nothing dangerous for her around of you.

Have fun!

28.06.15. Dancing in the close close position.


Dancing in the close close position is one of the best things you can do while enjoying zouk.

For the ladies:

  • Think you want to go through the guy for keeping the contact
  • Your right arm is over his right shoulder.
  • Going backwards do big steps but stay with the tension to the front.

For the guys:

  • Place the right side of your upper body in the middle of her upper body.
  • You want to hug the lady, you try to separate your shoulder blades.
  • Your right arm goes to her right shoulder blade. Hug the lady!
  • Going backwards do big steps.
  • Relax your upper body and don’t do any disturbing movements.

Have fun!

24.06.15. Beginners 2 / Intermediate. Olé with elastic and cambré.


Today we repeat the olé step and after that we did one elastic with a cambré. Here you can see the olé step:


If the lady should do the bumerangue, you will get her with the left hand and lead her around of you three steps, before you lead the preparation for the elastic and the cambré with your body. This part is very important: for leading the lady with your body you will bend your upper body to the left for the elastic, to the right for the cambré and to the left again for the wave. If the lady is doing the wave backwards, you will put your right foot between both feet of the lady before you go into the basic step.

Ladies: for the elastic you are going first with your hips and then with your chest. Your head is the last part of your body going to the front. Do a good preparation for the cambré putting your pelvis to the front and contracting your center, then you go backwards but your knees are going to the front. For the wave you go first with your head and after that with your body.

24.06.15. Beginners 2 / Intermediate. Learning to dance big.


Sometimes it’s nice if you try to improve the quality of your dance and not only learn steps. Today there is one advice for your training, one idea to dance bigger, like in a performance.

Have fun!

24.06.15. Intermediate. Repeating what we did last week.


Today we repeat the steps we did last week:


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