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Month: April 2015 (page 1 of 4)

29.04.15. Beginners 2. Men’s styling. Lateral footwork 1.

Hi everybody!

Today we did some men’s styling. Stylign are special moves you can do without disturbing the leading.

For the first footwork is very important for you to understand the timing. The second one is just sliding by 1.

After that, we repeated the combination we did last week.


Have fun!

29.04.15. Intermediate. Table cambré from lateral.

Hi everybody!

There is some special moves that you can dance if the music gets slow and today’s step is very cool for it.


You will do your steps on the line and you will go a little bit up on 2 for the lady to understand that she needs a preparation up. You will let the lady go down and try to put both arms to the side. You lead the lady slowly down and up. If she goes up, you will do that she transfer the weight to her left before you open to your left.


At the beginning you will go up. You are doing a table cambré, so you go with your botton to your heels, you look to the front and your chest is in. For going up, press with your hips up, open your chest and let the head go a little bit back.

Here you can see one more video with an explanation. Have fun!


Today we did this step too:


28.04.15. Advanced. The ball with a spiral.

First we did some exercises to learn how to do the spiral. The guys are playing with the shoulder line of the lady and the head of the lady is following her shoulders.

For the ball you will find tomorrow the hole explanation because it’s a complicated step.

Guys: You can lead the spiral everytime you are going with your right. On three you will have your right hand on her right arm before you lead by 1 the spiral. Try to give the lady some support, in this way her moves are easier. Ladies: You need to contract your center to have enought stability. Close your ribs.

28.04.15. Beginners 1. Combination: Bumerangue reverse + change the hands + elastic

A nice combination for the beginners.

For the guys: After the first turn of the lady you want to get both hands. Then you are in front of the lady a little bit to the left and you bring her to you with both hands up. With your right arm push the lady softly for her to go backwards and you slide your right hand to get her right hand. Then you lead the elastic.

For the ladies: Think about doing your steps on the line. For the elastic try to go first with your hips and after that with your chest.

See you next week!

27.04.15. Intermediate. Pendulum.

Hi everybody!

Today we repeated the pendulum.


27.04.15. Beginners 2. Titanic.

Before we speak about the step, there was one important thing in today’s lesson: If there is no beat in the music, please don’t do your steps like with the beat. PLay with your partner, go in slow motion, do romantic moves, but don’t do 1-2-3, 1-2-3.

For the Titanic: Guys bring the ladies to the front into the line and turn her by 1 and then you change the hand. With your left hand you will get the left arm of the lady to stop her. Ladies: Go a little bit down on your right knee if the guy is stopping you.

After the titanic the guys can lead the bumerangue, and it could be the end of the move. But today we did something special. We will turn the lady and don’t let the hand free. After the turn, guys, you block the lady with the right hand on her hips and with your left under arm you lead the elastic.

Ladies: For the elastic you have a new contact on your back and you have to pay attention. Go with the leading of the guy.

Have fun!

27.04.15. Beginners 1. Cross step with a left turn for the guys. Opening to the right.

Hi everybody!

Today we repeated the step we did last week and after that we did the opening to the right.




Have fun!

26.04.15. Intermediate. Snake after a turn on the line with head movement.

Hi everybody!

Here you can see the step we did last week:


Today guys, if you are behind of the lady you want to lead a snake. When the lady is turning on the line doing a head movement you will put your left hand under her left arm. In this way you control better the shoulder line of the lady. You will paint a circle and lead the snake to the front. remember to bring the lady back. After that you will open to the left.

For the ladies: While doing the head movements think on stretch the opposite side. Transfer your weight with the head movement. for the snake you hae your right free, so go with your right leg to the front.

Have fun!

26.04.15. Intermediate. The wave reverse or bodyroll from the hips.

Hi everybody!

We will do todaay the bodyroll (the wave) reverse.

Do the normal wave and at the end you have to sit bringing your pelvis back. Then you start a wave to the front from the hips. Your feet are looking outside for giving you more stability and your legs are doing some pressure inside.

Guys, if you are leading the lady think about both hands. You start the move with the right hand but at the end you bring the lady up with your right hand. Try to lead fluent.

For the ladies: Your arm is free and it’s not a dead fish :-) You can comb your hair or just hold your arm with some tension.

Have fun!

25.04.15. Workshop with Claudia and Fernando for Intermediate / Advanced.

Hi everybody!

Here you have our demo after the workshop in Bremen. Have fun!

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