Today we did a very beautiful combination in Bremen.

We want the lady do the elastic going backwards. You will change the hand and guys, you want the lady do her steps on a line, so we will pull for the first step to the left and after that we will put ore energy on her second step so the third step is going backwards automatically. For this leading you have to be concentrate: if you see, the lady is going backwards with the left foot, before she transfers the weigh to the left, you have to paint a circle with your leading (up, to you and down)

For the ladies: do a good preparation for your cambre, contract your center and put your pelvis to the front. Then you go little by little with the back and at the same time you bring your knees to the the front. For the snake go first with the head.

Guys: open a window with your arm. The next difficult thing is to lead the arms of the lady up. At the beginning you pull with the right hand to the right and with the left hand to the left. Explaining it with a text doesn’t work, so it’s better here to watch the video.

For the long turn on the line with a head movement: ladies, the first four steps you go with the head to the right side. The fifth step you paint half of circle feeling the weigh of your hair so at the end you can put a little bit energy and in this way you don’t have your hair on your face.

Have fun with the step and see you next week!