1. About decorating with the hands: Ladies, if the guy relax the hands, you will relax the hands too. You have always the same energy level as the guy in your hands. While doing the lateral, you will keep the upper body focusing on your partner. The guys decorate with the left but lead the lady with the right into the lateral (don’t forget to lead the third step of the lady.

2. Now are coming two turns on the line. For the second turn the guys are crossing on 2 with right leg back and turning to the right on three.

3. From the elastic into the titanic: After the left turn of the lady, guys, you go a little bit back because you need some tension between your arm and the arm of the lady. Lead the elastic. On 1 you let your right hand on the belly of the lady and on 2 you let your left hand on the left shoulder of the lady. Bring the lady one step back and after that another more step back and up. Your left hand slides alogn the left arm of the lady.

4. For the bumerangue: Guys, you lead on 1 but go on 2. On the second 1 the ladies could do her ladystyling.

Have fun!