Today is the first time we are speaking about cambré in a video. Please be careful with this step. Watch the video, pay attention and do the steps un your own responsibility.

The most important thing for you ladies is to put your pelvis to the front and contract your center if you are doing this step. At the same time you go little by little back and your knies go to the front. Another important thing we didn’t say on the video is that you have to keep the contact with the hand of the guy on your back, so you can feel the leading of the guy. Try to hold your weigh for yourself, don’t trust the guy and be safe first. If you do the snake – the big wave to the front – first you go with the head and after that with the body.

Guys: please be very careful. Your partner is not a doll. Your step with the right to the front: watch the video, this leading is difficult. Don’t go to the front beyond your right foot because in this way you will lose your balance.

Bye bye!