For the guys:

  • The head movements are the difficult part. Practise the head movements like in slow motion for you to understand better. While doing the first head movement you transfer the weight together with the lady and with your right elbow up and some more energy you continue the leading for the circle backwards.
  • For the second head movement, first bring the lady to the left on 1 and on two you start the leading for the head. At the beginning your right hand is on her shoulder blade and then you move your hand to the front part of the shoulder.

For the ladies:

  • Think on stretching the opposite side while doing the head movements on the spot. You are always making one side longer (the opposite).
  • Press against the contact of the guy to feel the leading.
  • For the turn on the line stay with the head to the left on 1, on 2 you bring the head to the front (your chest is in, your pelvis a little bit to the front) and on 3 you bring the head up.

Today we did this step too: