Ladies: Playing in circles with the upper body is always a chance to stretch your body. We are talking about the opposite side.

Today we do the preparation for the cambré but we want to lead a circle with the upper body. After that to go around of the lady. For the beginning of the circle, guys, you lead it with your upper body and you play with the shoulders of the lady. Ladies, go with your right foot to the right if the guy is leading your shoulders in this direction.

Stretch! For the circles with the upper body you have to grow, to be big, to stretch your body.

At the end the lady is doing a turn on the line with head. Guys, the first step you are bringing the lady to the front. Ladies, you stay with your head to the left side. The second step guys you lead the head to the front and let your left hand slide till you have the right hand of the lady and you bring her up on 3. Ladies, if your head is to the front, your chest is in and your head is over your center. If you go with the head to the front you will lose your balance.

Have fun!