A really nice combination because has a lot of zouk elements.

  • After the preparation for the cambré the guys bring the lady to her right with a torsion in the upper body. The ladies go with the right foot to the side and transfer the weight with the head. Ladies: Playing with your upper body it’s a opportunity to stretch the opposite side of your body.
  • Guys, you can lead so many circles as you want. After that you will go the the right side of the lady. Your right hand keeps the tension with her right arm. With the left hand you kann lead the head. For the ladies: you are turning on the spot to the right, so your axis for the turn is your right foot.
  • For the spiral: If the lady has the head to the front, guys, you will let the right hand free and get the right shoulder of the lady to help her for the spiral. Ladies, three things for the spiral. 1) You are now turning to the left, your axis for the turn is your left foot. 2) Try to keep the axis of your head always in the same direction. 3) Strecht the opposite side of your body. If your head is back, you will push with your hips to the front. If your head is to the front you have to close the front part of your body and stretch your back.

Have fun!