Today we did a nice combination for understanding the differences between turning on the line or going a normal zouk turn.

After the right turn from lateral we can lead the yoyo directly. Guys, make some space on your right side and ladies take care about your right arm. After that is the time for wave. Guys, lead the wave from your upper body and ladies wait for the leading of the guy, think about the new connection with the arm on your back and press a little bit against it.

Now guys, if you are turning the lady to the front you can choose between a turn on the line and a normal zouk turn. For a turn on the line you will lead the three steps of the lady to the front. For a normal zouk turn you will lead two steps to the front and the last one back. Ladies, don’t open alone after the turn, wait for the leading. Control your right hand after the turn because at the party we don’t have enough space and you could hit other dancers .

The last turn is very important. Guys: first pull to you, then you lead the turn of the lady and then you let the hand free. On 2 you get the lady again. For the ladies: Go your steps on the line. After your second step you will close your legs. In this way your legs are crossed on 3. Don’t fall to the front, wait for the contact of the guy on your back.

Have fun!