Today we learn a very easy combination to practise the side step (lateral) and the left turn.

For the ladies: You are going always with your third step on the spot, keeping your chest to the partner and if you are turning, you take care about your left arm for not to hit the guy putting the arm in front of your chest and your left elbow in front of your left shoulder.

For the guys: Before you lead the turn you have to “cross the street”. You go in front of the lady but a little bit to the left. When you turn the lady you can choose if you are doing the basic step or another side step (lateral) after the turn. If you do the basic step, you let your right hand on two on the back of the lady. If you want to do another side step, you let your hand slide till you get the left hand of the lady and you open with the right foot to the right, so the lady has enough space for her side step.

See you next week!