1. Bumerangue reverse

You can dance it from the basic step or from lateral step. For the ladies: you are turning on the line, try to go your steps always further on the line. Guys: you need some space if you want to lead the lady into the line, because the arms of the lady have to be stretched. You go the first step backwards with the left to pull the lady into the line (go with your body). You will hold both hands of the lady together. While turning the lady the hands are over her head, not over yours.

2. Elastic without elastic

For the ladies, you go just to the front like in the basic step. Guys: with the right hand you bring the lady to the front, the left hand stays in front of her face. On 3 you have to be in the other side weil you want to lead her into the cambre.

3. Cambre

While the lady is going back she have to bend to the front. Guys, first you lead the lady back and one moment later you lead her down with your left hand and with your right under arm. Ladies: do the preparation for the cambre, contract your center, put your pelvis to the front, your chest is in and your head is to the front. If you do the cambre, your knees go to the front while you are rolling backwards. Your head is the last part of your body going back. If the guy lead the wave, you start it moving your head to the front. Guys, watch the video to see how to lead the move with your body.

Have fun!