Hi everybody!

The flick it’s a nice move to play with the hand of the lady and to do a something different at the dance floor.

For the guys. We show two moves, the first one without flick. At the party, if you are not sure about if the lady will understand the flick, do the first variation and then you can try the second one.

For the turn: Do you want that the lady goes down? Then you have to do one preparation up. She should do a turn on the line. That’s the reason why at the beginning you are travelling with the lady. Leading the flick you will transfer the weight with the lady like in a mirror.

Ladies: Don’t go too much down dancing the first part, just a little bit on your knees, don’t bend too much your upper body to the front. Watch Claudia’s ladystyling: She is looking at her hand while painting the circle.

Have fun!