Hi everybody!

Today we have a very popular step for the zouk world. We want to do turns on the line with head movements after the titanic step.

For the titanic, guys, you have to go backwards, bring the lady first to the front and if the lady is transfering the weight to the right you have to lead the turn. Then you change the hand and you have to be ready, because you need to get the left arm of the lady with your left hand to stop the lady. You are going just two steps and at the end, if you are landing with your partner on your right foot, you change the position of your hands like in the video to bring the head of the lady to the side. For the head movements try to support the lady the hole time with your left hand and with the right hand you lead the head movement. You are going with your partner.

For the ladies. When you feel that your partner plays with your shoulder line you have to go with the head to the side and not to focus with the eyes, relax your neck. For the turns on the line, the first step you just go (don’t move your head), the second step you bring your head to the front and the third step you open to the side. The second step is very important for you: put your chest in, go a little bit on your knees and your head is over your center. Don’t think about just going with the head to the front because in this way you will loose your balance. On the video you have a easy possibility for your ladystyling.

At the end you can do the bumerangue step.

Have fun!